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Strolling Jakarta’s Old Town; Playing Tourist with Lois Jeans

When in doubt, wear denim. This motto will always be my fashion guide line when I have shilly-shally about what to wear. Denim is always a good idea because it can be matched with almost every kind of clothes. It goes well with just plain white t-shirt for a casual outfit; it also goes well with pretty blouses. When you need to go a little bit preppy, you can pair straight fit jeans with crisp shirt and you’re all good to go. You can wear denim everyday and you can’t be out of style! I think jeans or denim is one of the greatest invention in human history. Since it was invented almost 150 years a go, they were first working clothes, then symbols of disobedience only to become of fashion items.

At the back yard of Jakarta History Museum
At the back yard of Jakarta History Museum

There are three denim items that I always adore; high-rise straight fit jeans, shorts, and denim jackets. When it comes to a good pair of jeans, I always go with the high-rise straight fit jeans because this type of jeans make me feel like being hugged in my hips. While the straight fit cut, it will give that extra longer illusion to my a lil bit short legs. I have made peace with the fact that slim fit or let alone skinny fit cut is not everyone, or any body type. Especially the curvy-petite body type just like mine.

Yesterday I have meet-up with a friend who’s travelling from out of town. She’s never been to Kota Tua Jakarta and she said she would love to have me accompanied her exploring that interesting part of Jakarta. Even though I’ve been to Kota Tua Jakarta for several times, but I don’t mind going to that place again and again. I love Kota Tua’s atmosphere; a mix of gorgeous old buildings, eccentric street art performers, museums, and the one we hard to find at other parts of Jakarta; the locals happily playing with colorful rent bikes.

Fatahilah Square Kota Tua Jakarta
The locals and the colorful bike.

For the Saturday morning date with my friend, I chose a stripey short sleeves blouse and a high-rise straight fit jeans as my outfit, both from Lois Jeans. I love both of them! The cotton loose blouse allow my body to perfectly breathing under the humid weather of Kota Tua Jakarta, while the good pair of jeans… I love how soft they feel! These jeans are probably the softest pair I’ve ever own. It feels like they’re meant for wearing all day. If you are looking for  great pair of button up jeans, go get these type! The high-rise waist is GREAT for disguising any love handles you have. The other part that I love about these pair of jeans is its color. It has the dark blue denim color that seems never fades.

lois jenas
The softest jeans I’ve ever had!

We decided to go to the Jakarta History Museum or Fatahillah Museum because obviously my friend’s never been to that museum, and no matter how many times I’ve been to Kota Tua Jakarta, I’ve never been to that museum as well. Yes, shame on me, haha!

Jakarta History Museum
Jakarta in Time Line

The buiding was built in 1627 as the city hall of Batavia and after severals renevation completed in 1710 the building inaugurated as the administrative head-quarter of the Dutch East India Company. After the declaration of Indonesia’s Independence in 1945 the building was used as West Java governor office until 1961. The building became a museum when the Fatahillah Square was declared a cultural heritage in 1970, and the Jakarta History Museum was declared as a museum on March 30th, 1974. It is now a center for collection, conservation and research for all kinds of objects of cultural heritage related to the history of the city of Jakarta.

Jakarta History Museum
Being a tourist in your own town? Why not!

We were having fun that day; strolling the old town city square, taking some (tons!) pictures, going in to the museum and learning how the long and winding history of Jakarta was occur. It was a great day playing tourist with Lois!

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