My 99-List on My Second Sweet Seventeen

Dulu, duluuuuu banget, saya ini suka merhatiin pencapaian hidup orang lain. Si A udah nikah, Si B udah ambil S3, si C udah jalan-jalan ke ujung dunia, Si D anaknya udah mau lima, dan seterusnya. Saya bahkan pernah membandingkan pencapaian saya dengan pencapaian mama saya. Misalnya, saat ini saya umur 34 tahun, trus saya mikir tuh “Mama waktu umur 34 tahun udah ngapain aja, ya?” Sementara perbandingan kaya gitu kan ga apple to apple kalo kata orang bule.

Namanya manusia, awalnya merhatiin lalu lama kelamaan berubah jadi membandingkan. Ga sehat banget, deh! Lalu entah gimana saya sampai di titik mikir begini; comparison is indeed the root of all evil.

Hal-hal yang sangat ingin saya lakukan, bisa jadi hanyalah hal remeh untuk orang lain. Sebaliknya, apa yang bisa jadi sangat penting orang lain, bisa jadi saya anggap suatu hal yang sangat membosankan untuk saya lakukan. Kalau kata temen saya, Firsta; “This is about priorities in life. My life and your life priorities can be different and that is ok.”

Sering banget saya kepikiran pengen melakukan satu hal tapi akhirnya karena berbagai alasan -yang mungkin salah satunya karena terlalu sibuk melihat pencapaian orang lain- malah nggak kesampaian. Jadi di hari ulang tahun saya ini, saya sempetin deh duduk dan bikin daftar apa aja hal yang pengen saya lakuin. Saya nggak akan ngasih deadline kapan semua item di bucket list ini harus tercoret. Sesampainya aja. Dari 99 hal itu, per hari ini (19 Agustus 2017) baru 17 hal yang saya lakukan, 88 more to go!

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Leave a “have a nice day” note in a library book
  3. Stay in an over the water bungalow -done, Wisma Apung Karimunjawa, 2007
  4. Camp on the beach -done, 4 times!
  5. Go on an African safari
  6. Go zip lining
  7. Go on a vacation by myself  -done
  8. Kissing in the rain
  9. Buy a homeless person a full meal
  10. Visit all 34 Indonesia’s provinces – 10 more to go!
  11. Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
  12. Float in the dead sea
  13. Get an elephant tattoo on my back or left chest
  14. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day (and not letting people know about this)
  15. Swim with whale shark
  16. Try rock climbing -does via ferrata count?
  17. Dive into the water from a cliff
  18. Plant a tree
  19. Go skinny dipping -done, would do again sometimes.
  20. Ride a horse -done
  21. Spend a day (at least 8 hours) at a museum or art gallery
  22. Join a silent retreat
  23. Listen to a music album from from the beginning till the end without doing anything else
  24. Make a terrarium
  25. Join a yoga retreat
  26. Have a cell phone-free day
  27. Have a water gun fight
  28. Sleep at 10.30 pm and wake up at 5.30 am in the morning for 30 consecutive days
  29. Start run-training
  30. Run 5 kilometers
  31. Camping at Ranu Kumbolo
  32. Visit Km 0 monument at Merauke
  33. Be a vegetarian for a week
  34. Have a vegetarian week every month for a year
  35. Go for an early morning stroll on a quiet street
  36. Get a tan line
  37. Learn basic Spanish -terminado!
  38. Learn basic Italian
  39. Play hide and seek in Ikea
  40. Watch sunrise at Borobudur temple
  41. Learn sign language
  42. Give blood10x so far
  43. Take a self defense class
  44. Wear a bikini and feel confident -half done
  45. Watch a horror movie without closing my eyes at all
  46. Learning how to swim done
  47. Learning how to drive a car
  48. Learning hand lettering
  49. Traveling for a week with only one pair of clothes, a couple pair of underwears and a pajamas.
  50. Own the dog I’ve always wanted and keep it for the rest of its life
  51. Take my parents on a vacation
  52. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  53. Take part in the festival of light in Thailand
  54. Watch a baby turtle hatch/swim to the sea -done
  55. Swim in the sea under the star
  56. Donate hair to cancer patient
  57. Own a Polaroid/Instax camera
  58. Get in taxi and yell “follow that car!”
  59. Use fake name at Starbucks
  60. Ride a Vespa
  61. River tubing -done 2x
  62. Catch fireflies
  63. Be woken up with a kiss
  64. Lay in the road in the middle of the night
  65. Attend / march in a gay pride parade
  66. Waitress-ing in a small coffee shop
  67. Going for a road trip for a month
  68. Dancing barefoot on a hill, underneath the stars
  69. Kissing a fellow traveler -done, *wink to S
  70. Dancing with a total stranger
  71. Making out under the stars
  72. Volunteering abroad
  73. Hugging an elephant
  74. Picnic-dating by the beach
  75. Handing out a novel I had read to a stranger
  76. Sleeping in the outdoors, underneath the sky -done, i love sleeping at Pulau Perak’s pier
  77. Climbing into the top of a lighthouse -done
  78. Going for a blind date
  79. Smoking a cigarette
  80. Read exactly 52 books in a year
  81. Go to a city I’ve never been before
  82. Have eyelashes extension -done Aug 5th
  83. Make messages in the bottle and flow them on the sea
  84. Quit drinking Teh Kotak
  85. Watch every Godfather movie
  86. Declutter-ing and donate everything I’ve never been use for the last six months
  87. Celebrate my birthday in an orphanage
  88. Have breakfast in bed
  89. Start building my own hut
  90. Try to fly a kite
  91. Participate in a flash mob
  92. Do a juice cleanse for three consecutive days
  93. Do “the no buy a new clothes for 3 months” challenge
  94. Visit Baluran
  95. Be a pescarian for a week
  96. Start cutting back on carbo (especially rice) and sugar
  97. Sew a dress for myself -done
  98. Give myself a good manicure
  99. Master how to cook ‘mangut lele’ and ‘soto ayam’
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